Christmas Season

We are still in the Christmas Season until the Sunday of the Baptism of the Lord!

Today we as a Church celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family. I would invite you to look in Sacred Scripture and to see all that the Holy Family faced. Mary's visit by the Angel and her call to be the Mother of God. Joseph's love for Mary and his great trust in God. The flight into Egypt - not on a plane, but a difficult journey to avoid Herod's wanting to kill Jesus. Their being a family in exile, until it was safe for them to come home. Their watching Jesus grow. The loss of Jesus and the finding of Jesus in the Temple (the heartbreak of losing a child even for a few days.) The death of Joseph at an early age. Mary raising Jesus as a single mother. The beginning of Jesus ministry at the wedding feast of Cana.. There are of course so many other experiences recorded in Sacred Scripture that Mary and Jesus faced.

As a Pastor and a priest, I am aware of the many stressors that each of our families face each day. Please know that we are there for you. As you face and deal with your many stressors, I hope that you take time to pray each day. I would encourage you all to have a "heart to heart" conversation many times with our Lord about what you are facing stress wise. I pray that God gives you strength for the day, food for the day. That as we say the Our Father that God will indeed give us this day our daily bread.

Please know that as you encounter the many stressors of daily family life that you are not alone. Please remember that the One God, in three Persons - Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are with you! Please remember that Fr. Ricardo and I are there for you. Please remember that my Staff, the listening hearts of Stephens Ministers and the Counselors at Catholic Charities are there for you as well.

May the Holy Family protect your Holy Family!

Fr. Brad, Pastor