Deepest Gratitude!

First of all, words cannot express deeply enough my personal thanks to all of our volunteers who were here last week! They moved and cleaned tables and chairs, helped stack them so that the carpets could be properly cleaned and put everything back in order! It was truly great work. I very much appreciate your dedication to detail and your care for the church! Just a reminder to all that we run on a very lean staff and that a great deal of work is done by our volunteers. For that we give our volunteers a great amount of thanks and sincere appreciation! Please remember that there is a lot to do in the life of our very vibrant church, so please do not hesitate to volunteer – your gift of time and talents are very much appreciated!

Second, please join me in congratulating Fr. Mark Zacker on his graduation from the Lanteri Institute! He along with a number of others spent three years learning about Spiritual Direction. I very much appreciate the many gifts of Father Mark, including Spiritual Direction and his outreach to our brothers and sisters who speak Spanish. Excellent work Fr. Mark!

Finally, Fr. Mark and I will be attending this week the general meeting of the Knights of Columbus. I would encourage each of you to support the Knights. If you are a Catholic Man over 18 and a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church – please join! You can either see myself, Fr. Mark, Deacon Tom, Deacon Jacob or email for more information. I very much appreciate all of the great works done by the Knights here! They will be busy this month at the Douglas County Fair, Reece’s Roundup. Other community events include Basketball free throws, blood drive and Fifth Street Clean up – amongst other things. Stop by the Douglas County Fair and enjoy some of the world famous fish and chips, as well as many other great foods! Keep doing the great work that you are doing Knights!

In Christ,

Fr. Brad