Finding God in the Ordinary

Happy Second Sunday In Ordinary Time!

In the liturgical life of our Church we have two seasons of Ordinary Time. This season is short and runs from now until Ash Wednesday. The other season of Ordinary time is longer and runs after Pentecost to the First Sunday of Advent. The liturgical color for Ordinary time is Green. Inter-dispersed in Ordinary time are different Feast Days, Optional Memorial Days and Memorials days in which we honor different Saints. Depending on what we are celebrating, the liturgical color for the particular day may be white or red. The Priest and Deacon wears red for Martyrs symbolizing the blood shed by the Martyr(s).

Sometimes when we celebrate Ordinary Time we may feel a small sense of being let down due to a major celebration like Christmas, or Easter not being present. I actually really like Ordinary time as I find that in the ordinary moments, the ordinary encounters with parishioners, the ordinary calls that I run on, the ordinary administrative tasks that I do… that God is truly present. That in those times I am really being the hands, heart and feet of Jesus Christ. Do not be afraid of those “ordinary times” in your life. This is also where God is truly at work through you!

I personally want to take time to say thanks to my brother priest Fr. Mark, my brother deacons Deacon Tom, Deacon Jacob and Deacon Ed, and to my most incredible Staff for all the hours and attention to detail that they do – on an ordinary basis serving you as Christ did – with great generosity, great love, great attention to detail, great prayer and great compassion. You guys and ladies are phenomenal! Keep doing the great work that you are doing!

To you my beloved parishioners – keep doing the great work that you do on an ordinary basis. You really make a difference in our Town of Castle Rock, and in Douglas County! Keep demonstrating your personal closeness to Jesus Christ out there. Keep having that great attitude of gratitude that is so sorely needed. I am proud of you!

Be not afraid!

Fr. Brad