First Reconciliation

Happy 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time!

First of all I want to stop and express my congratulations to all those young people who received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time last week! You all did great! Thanks Parents for teaching your kids the importance of being honest when we either sin or make a mistake, admitting the sin or the mistake, asking for pardon and expressing our sorrow, and then having a purpose of amendment – including avoiding the near occasion of sin. I am proud of you. I am also very thankful for Brian, Michel and their team on a job well done.

Second, please do not forget to prayerfully consider your gift to the Returning God’s Gifts Diocesan Campaign and either mail your envelope back – or drop it into the collection basket, or drop it in the office. Remember that your generous donation helps Catholic Schools, Catholic Charities, our Diocesan Seminarians and of course helps our parish via a particular work that is needed. Our goal this year is with the help of a major donor to install a much needed elevator near the Assisi Hall.

Thanks again for your generosity and love for both Christ and his Church! You are remarkable men and women of deep faith!

Fr. Brad