First Sunday of Lent

As we enter into this Holy Season I am asking each of you to consider how will you journey more deeply with the Lord this Lent? Perhaps you will dedicate a half an hour a day during your work day and be reading some particular book that will put you close to Jesus Christ. I would encourage each of you to participate in the Stations of the Cross as well. Spend time with some Lenten Spiritual Meditations. There are so many in print, whether they be the Lenten Black Books, A book called “I thirst” – 40 days of meditations by Mother Theresa, “The whole life confession” based on Ignatius of Loyola and other meditations.

And there are many online sources as well from FORMED, Lent Made Simple and others. Please avail yourself of frequent confession to either Fr. Mark or myself, or to a priest from a neighboring parish at the penance services.

Praying that this particular Lent leads you to be very close to the sufferings of the Lord and is purgative of anything that is keeping us from following Christ to the full. As so beautifully said by Saint Augustine “You have made us for yourself O’ Lord and our hearts are restless until they find rest in thee.” May this most holy Season of Lent help us to confront our own “restlessness.”

Fr. Brad