From the Pastor's Desk

May the Peace of the Risen Christ be with you!

First of all I wanted to say a word of personal thanks for work well done to Seminarian Chance. He did a lot of great work while he was here. I would ask that you continue to keep him and all of our seminarians in your prayers especially during this year. Seminarian Brandon Allen and Seminarian Matt Kane are heading back to their respective seminaries this year. Brandon will graduate from the Minor Seminary this year and then on to his Theological Studies. Bishop Sheridan along with Fr. Kyle Ingels and Fr. Jim Baron have done outstanding work with talking to perspective seminarians. If you feel called as a Roman Catholic Man to be a priest, you can call Bishop Sheridan directly. It looks like we will have 14 seminarians studying for our Diocese this year. This is outstanding!

A major funding source for Seminarians is our annual Returning God’s Gifts Diocesan Appeal. If you haven’t done so yet, I would encourage each of you to make a pledge, or cash donation for the benefit of Seminarian Education. Remember RGG also benefits Catholic Charities, Catholic Schools and the parish. Please consider a personal gift to our Diocese to help pay for the education of our Seminarians – Our Future Priests!!!

As always, I ask Almighty God to continue to bless you, your families and your friends. Thanks for all that you do in the life of our very vibrant parish!

Fr. Brad