Happy 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time!

Sometimes we as Catholics feel somewhat disappointed by Ordinary time. After all we just celebrated a phenomenal Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Wow! I would like to remind everyone that God is also present in the “ordinary” events of our lives as well! For example as a priest, God is with us in the what we may consider the ordinary events of the day – a sick call, a hospital visit, a house blessing, a meeting with a parishioner, attending Diocesan Meetings… They may seem “ordinary” but driving home from them, I am always pensive about how Jesus was present in that particular event. Driving back, I am always grateful for the privilege of that particular moment, of that particular call. I would just encourage you to make each moment count, to make each ordinary event a meaningful event, each ordinary encounter an encounter with great purpose.

What will help you to do this is a consistent life of prayer. Jesus gives us a great pattern. Before, during and after an encounter – he prayed. It is a great model. When I get a call I begin to pray. As I am driving to a call, I continue to pray. During the call I am praying. When I come home from a call I continue to pray. Jesus gives us a great model and pattern of prayer. Don’t be afraid to be men and women of deep prayer.

Blessings always,

Fr. Brad

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