Happy Anniversary St. Francis Parish!

Happy Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi!

Happy Anniversary of the Dedication of our new Church Sanctuary!

This weekend is a great weekend as we celebrate Saint Francis of Assisi who is our Patron Saint and the Saint for which our Church was named for. I really love Saint Francis of Assisi who after undergoing a great conversion in his life followed Christ most closely. He is acclaimed as the man most closely configured to Jesus Christ. He bore on his body the Stigmata, the wounds of Christ. He had a great love of animals and the beauty of creation. He was able to listen to the words of Christ – Francis, Francis rebuild my church.

Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Castle Rock began in the 1880’s with visits from “Franciscan Circuit riding Priests” who said Mass here early on. Seeing the growth of Catholics here in Castle Rock the first Saint Francis of Assisi Church (now Scileppi’s Italian Restaurant at the Old Stone Church) was built and then dedicated in 1888. It still is a remarkable building. Each time I eat there, I am reminded of our humble beginnings and how this early church was built by people of faith, trust in God and sacrificial love. They built that church by their hands and the sweat of the brow. As the Catholic Community grew and recognizing the need for a bigger church the parishioners purchased the land that we are on and built a beautiful church that was dedicated in 1966. Again, this church was built by the hands of the parishioners and the sweat of their brow. There was a lot of sacrifice that went into this building now the Assisi Hall/ Offices and Classrooms. 8 years ago Bishop Sheridan was here as we dedicated the new Church Sanctuary. Again, our parishioners as great men and women of faith contributed to its building in the midst of economic uncertainty. It is a most beautiful church and grounds. We are blessed to have such great parishioners who carry on the great legacy and work of our early church founders.

There is still a lot of great work. As Castle Rock grew in the 1880’s – Castle Rock and the surrounding communities continue to grow. There is so much work to be done. May we continue the great work of Franciscan Hospitality and our love for Jesus Christ. May we continue to rebuild the Church as St. Francis was called to do! May we continue to serve with great love, care and hospitality towards all whom we meet.

Happy Patronal Feast Day!

Happy Anniversary of the Dedication of our new Church Sanctuary!

Fr. Brad