Happy Ascension!

Happy Ascension Sunday!

As you will remember, today we as a Church in the Ecclesial Province of Denver are celebrating the Solemnity of the Ascension! A number of years ago the Bishops of the Province decided to move the Solemnity from Thursday to Sunday. By doing so they wanted to give the Solemnity of the Ascension a greater prominence. As they said in their letter

“By his Ascension Jesus does not exit time – he becomes its center!” A great question for us today – “Is Jesus Christ the Center of your life?” As we have time with the quietness of Safer at Home, I would invite each of you to prayerfully reflect on that question. Is Jesus Christ the Center of your life? Are there perhaps other things that may interfere with Jesus being the center of our life – money, career, family, love, status in life….A good indicator of that is our prayer life. Do we have a vibrant prayer life with Jesus as our center, or are other things taking the place of prayer? I would encourage you to do a simple exercise. Draw a circle and map out quickly what you spent the day on – chores, work, family activities, shopping, TV… How much time in that circle did you spend in prayer? If not much, today is a great day to

readjust our schedule and make Christ the center of our lives!

Personally, I want to say thanks to all who helped make our first Sunday back last week so smooth. Thanks Andrea for organizing all of this. Thanks Beth for getting all of the information out via the web and our parish apps. Thanks Fr. Mark, Deacon Tom, Deacon Ed, Deacon Chance and all of the Acolytes for your great help and assistance. Thanks also to Pat, Bruce, Deb and others who greeted our returning parishioners and took great care of them.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone to continue to pray for Deacon Chance Billmeyer and Deacon Tim O’Connell as they prepare for their ordination to the Priesthood. While the ordination will be limited in terms of invitations due to COVID-19 – it will be LIVE Streamed over Facebook. The best way to view this is to go to either the Diocese of Colorado Springs website:


or to their Facebook page at:https://www.facebook.com/pg/CatholicDioceseCOS/videos/?ref=page_internal

Keep doing the great work that you all are doing! May the Peace of the Risen Christ be with you!

Fr. Brad