Happy Epiphany Sunday!

Today we as a Church celebrate Epiphany Sunday. Today we remember the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi. I really like the Magi. They were able to trustfully follow the star until it led them to Christ. They brought their gifts and presented them to Christ. They were so moved after their encounter with Christ that they went home a different way.

I am incredibly blessed to walk with each of you for so many years. I am impressed by your deep faith and trust in the Lord. You really do follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit and faithfully follow those promptings until you meet Christ. I am so impressed by how you bring your gifts and talents and how you so generously present them to Christ for the service of the Church and for the care of others. I am always deeply humbled and in awe at your goodness and generosity. I am so much in admiration in listening to your stories of conversion and how your lives changed when you encountered Jesus Christ. From that moment of our own encounter with Jesus Christ we do go home differently and go out and preach the Gospel to others so profoundly. Keep up the great work. Keep being inspirational! Keep being the light of Christ in the World that needs to see the light of Christ!

Merry Christmas and Happy Epiphany!

In Christ,

Fr. Brad