Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Fifth Sunday in Easter!

Happy Mother’s Day!

First of all – Happy Fifth Sunday in Easter! I really like the Post Resurrection stories of the Risen Lord. I love the greeting of the Lord – “Peace be with you.” Jesus uses that greeting as a way of reassuring his disciples – despite their fears, worries and concerns. Bishops by virtue of their office say “Peace be with you” instead of the “Lord be with you” at the beginning of Mass. I do pray that the fullness of the Lord’s Peace – which is beyond all understanding – is with you and your family especially during these most trying times. I pray that our Lord gives you great comfort and peace each day and an abundance of graces to help you!

Second – to all of the Moms – Happy Mother’s Day! How blessed is the gift of Motherhood! How great is the gift of Motherly love! Moms – how great you are and we are all thankful for the gift that you are in our lives and in the life of the Church! Although a different Mother’s day in the midst of COVID -19 – it is still our day to say thanks! May the Blessed Mother assist you each day as you live out so beautifully your vocation as a Mom!

Happy Easter!

Happy Mother’s Day!

In Christ, Fr. Brad