in the wilderness

Perhaps by now we either look like Christ in the Wilderness painting at right, or perhaps we feel like Christ – tired, worn, alone, hungry… Perhaps we very much feel the absence of people around us, the loneliness of the isolation of this particular Lent due to the pandemic of Coronavirus- COVID-19. I know that I am feeling it especially as I walk around the rocks of our beautiful campus down by the Our Lady of Fatima Statue – or walk in every day and experience an empty church. It is a very hard experience. Our hand painted reproduction of this particular painting is placed by the altar. If you visit, I want you to take time to gaze on the representation of Jesus, talk to him in prayer about what he must have been feeling and then talk to him in prayer about what you are feeling and experiencing during this time of being in the wilderness, isolation and uncertainty of the Coronavirus – COVID-19.

What gives me particular strength is knowing that I am not truly alone. That Jesus is at my side every day, always and that he who went through so much (suffering, rejection, scorn) is there for me. Make time to spend time with the Lord in the Wilderness.

Fr. Brad

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