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The king and the treasure

Jesus speaks in parables. After hearing today’s, here’s one more:

Once upon a time there was a king traveling through the desert followed by his servants.

Suddenly one of his camels stumbled and fell. The chest that it was carrying fell from its back and burst open. The jewels, pearls and diamonds it held spilled all over the ground. The King looked at the treasures and said to his servants, “I am going on. You can stay here and pick-up the jewels. Whatever you pick-up, you can keep.” And he left them.

After traveling for a short time, thinking that he was alone, he looked back and saw one of his servants following behind. The king asked the servant, “Aren’t those jewels important to you? You could be rich for life.” The servant responded, “My king is more important than all the king’s riches.”

“Where are you going?” someone asked him. “Wherever the King goes.” “Do you know exactly where the King is going?” “He has told me in a general way, but I’m not anxious to know. I only want to go with him.” “So, you have no idea about this journey?”

“No, I have no idea except that it will be in the company of my King.”

“Your king is going to – Mexico, Colombia, and many other places. Your King is going to change jobs and move seven times. Your King is going to grow old, go to the hospital, to the funeral home, and to the cemetery. You mean that you want to go there too?”

“No, not really. All I want to do is to be near my King. It’s not important to me where he goes, except in so far as he will be there. I’m not so much going as following him. I don’t want to make this journey, but the King’s presence is enough for me.”

Is the King’s presence enough for you? Speak to Him now.

Fr. Mark Zacker



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