Lawn Care and Gardening!

Please remember that all of our lawn care and gardening are mostly done by volunteers.

Thanks to Lynne and Sandra for planting new plants around the front of the Church and for renewing the mulch.

Thanks to the McVay family and the Nowak family for putting in mulch at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Garden.

Thanks to Carter, Jack and Dick for mowing, and trimming this week.

Thanks to Jack for working to repair our riding lawn mowers.

Thanks to Danny and Hunter for working on the flagstone pathway from the Our Lady of Guadalupe Garden to the prayer path!

Danny and Hunter have been trimming the pine trees and other trees to remove the dead limbs.

Special thanks for Mowing to David, Tyler, Shane and Jack. Thanks Jack for repairing our red riding mower and helping to change the belt on the Green riding mower!

Hopefully after the Fourth of July, and with the help of volunteers we will begin to work on the stone benches in the prayer path.


Fr. Brad