New Assignments

Greetings and Peace in our Lord Jesus Christ!

As you have heard from last weekend -both myself and Fr. Mark Zacker are moving on to new assignments. These are the normal rotations of priests that occur in every diocese throughout the world. I am being reassigned as Pastor to Our Lady of the Pines Parish in the Black Forest (Colorado Springs). Father Mark is moving to Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish where he will serve as Parochial Vicar and be available to do Spiritual Direction. I am very proud of Father Mark and his great work. Please keep us in your daily prayers. Sometimes though when the Church makes changes in priests parishioners naturally are worried and afraid. I want to repeat to you the words given by Pope John Paul II as he greeted those gathered in Saint Peter’s Square after his election. He began his remarks with “Fratelli e sorelle” in Italian which is a beautiful familial way of saying my brothers and sisters. Then he said, “Do not be afraid.”

I say to you my beloved brothers and sisters who are such good, holy people – Do not be afraid! You are blessed to have Father Homero and Father Tim with you. They will be great!

You know that my inspiration is FDNY Chaplain Father Mychal Judge. A few days before he died on September 11th, Fr. Judge spoke to a class of newly promoted firefighters.. He spoke about change, about how the current group of guys, from the mayor to the commissioner to the chaplain to all of the firefighters, were only a piece in a long continuum. We would all be forgotten in a hundred years, he reminded us, It was enough that the great spirit of the department was, for now, in our hands. We had taken it like a baton from those who came before us, and we had to hand it off to those who would

follow. This kind of change was hard, but it was good and healthy and natural. The way he described our job, it was a calling. I appreciate his words, It has been a honor and a privilege to have been one in a line of dedicated priests and pastors who have served you and this parish since 1888. Thanks to all of you who have made my time here to be some of the best years of my life!

I also want to say thanks to all of you for your support throughout the years of Father Chance Billmeyer. I want to say thanks to all of you who helped make his first Mass so memorable and the private reception afterwards such a beautiful occasion! Thanks Pat, Andrea, Don, and all who helped out! You’re the best. Please continue to keep him in your prayers and thoughts!

Again, I pray that God continues to bless you most abundantly!

In Christ, Fr. Brad