Note of Thanks!

This past week I received a very nice letter from Fr. Richard Schamber from Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Blountstown, Florida. (See below)

We also received some great cards and notes from the parishioners!

Words cannot express adequately my deep appreciation and gratitude for your inherent goodness and kindness toward the sister parish who shares our name in Blountstown, Florida along with Holy Cross Parish in Chattahoochee, Florida. You guys are the best! May God bless you and your family with many abundant blessings!

Fr. Brad


August 7, 2019

Dear Fr. Noonan,

On behalf (of) the whole parish here in Blountstown, FL, and as their Pastor, I want to express my deepest gratitude to you and your parishioners for the generous second collection you took up for us.

I was truly bowled over when you told me over the phone the initiative you did and, even more, the amount you brought in. I relayed this to the parish here in Blountstown about a week and a half ago, when we had the check and statue in hand. The parishioners - English speakers and Spanish speakers alike - were shocked and overwhelmed. And that statue… How beautiful and elegant! It is sitting on one of the three folding desks we are having to use in the “new home” we are calling our office. It is one of the rooms in the church building itself, since we had to abandon active use of the old office building, a former post-civil war era carriage house, and turn it into a storage facility.

I look forward to following up (with) you later in the fall regarding a Mission Appeal, as you indicated.

Please pass along my words of thanks to your parishioners! And be aware, I believe that some of the parishioners here took it upon themselves to also pass around a card and sign it - at least those who were here last weekend - , as an indication of their gratitude.


Rev. Richard L. Schamber