Our Vibrant Parish!

May the Peace of the Risen Christ be with you!

We have a lot of great things happening in the life of our very vibrant parish, so let me take time to mention a few!

First of all – Join the St. Baldrick’s event on March 24 from 1pm until 4pm at the Burly Brewing Company 680 Atchison Way, Suite 800 Castle Rock. This event benefits the St. Baldric’s foundation which is a volunteer powered charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any other organization except the U.S. Government. Join this St. Baldrick’s event and whether you decided to shave your head, volunteer or donate you’ll be part of the excitement. CRPD Officer Seth Morrissey can be contacted for more information at the CRPD (303-663-6159) or via email at SMorrissey@crgov.com. I’d like to see us as a parish really support this!

Second – We need volunteers for each Saturday Night Vigil and the Sunday Masses for our Gift Shop. It is a great ministry to join, especially if you have retail experience -or not. It is a great place that we have to be able to provide guidance on the various religious articles, King Sooper Gift Cards and other Catholic items. Please either see me or Andrea for more information.

Third – Please sign up online either on the web or on the mobile kiosk in the Small Chapel/ Choir Practice room for an hour before the Blessed Sacrament. Eucharistic Adoration will change your life! It certainly has changed my life, Archbishop Sheen’s life and the life of Cardinal Bernardin. For more information please see either myself, Margaret or Andrea.

Finally — Thanks to Ginger Scholz, Andrea, and Everett. We now have the Julia Greeley red wagons placed for your gifts of food for the food pantry. Please drop your donation of foods (non-perishable) into the red wagons! Again, thanks for your care for the poor and the most abandoned!


Fr. Brad