Racism & The Church

My brothers and sisters in Christ.

With the spotlight properly placed on the issue of Race and Racism in the United States and the world, especially following the tragic killing of George Floyd, I would encourage you to take some time and watch a You Tube video and I also have something for you to read. The YouTube video is “Race in the American Catholic Imagination” by Bishop George Murry, S.J., who just recently died from Leukemia. I would ask that you take time to watch this and also read the USCCB’s Pastoral Letter on Racism. written in 1979 and titled “Brothers and Sisters to Us.” I have watched Bishop Murry’s talk several times already; there are many points to ponder and reflect on. My prayer is that this difficult time which we are experiencing becomes an important time of conversion and change in our United States. Racism is a sin and its effects over the years have been so destructive. As a priest who has a great devotion to Servant of God Julia Greeley, who certainly suffered from racial injustice, I truly pray for her intercession during these very difficult times. I truly love Julia Greeley who had a great heart for the poor, had a great love for the Sacred Heart, and in spite of so much physical pain that she endured – went to Mass every day and had the light of Christ resonate out our her. I would encourage you to take time and do a pilgrimage to her tomb, which is the Catholic Basilica in Denver.

On Saturday, June 20th there will be an Ordination to the Diaconate for a number of new Permanent Deacons. Included in this ordination will be Dustin Duncan and Matthew Brend. Their Ordination, along with their brothers, will be a great event in the life of our Diocese. Congratulations to Deacons-to-be Dustin and Matthew. I am proud of the hard work, diligence and faith that brought you to this day. May God who has begun this good work in you, bring it to completion.

In Christ, Fr. Brad