Reece Rubino

Our parish has been so supportive of not only Reece Rubino, but also of his family over the many years. Several other churches here in Castle Rock have been so helpful as well. I would encourage each of you to take time to read the personal note below from Jeff and Lesa. If you are a nurse and can help out, please do so. If you know of a nurse that would be so very caring and kind to Reece, please let them know as well.                              


Fr. Brad

Hello, we are Jeff and Lesa Rubino. We have a special needs son with SMA Type 1. He is cognitively gifted but physically disabled. We have been with a nursing agency for over 6 years to provide him the care he needs (up to 20 hours a day). The agency has steadily declined in their support for Reece, claiming that Castle Rock is in a tough spot to provide nursing, half way between Denver and Colorado Springs.  Currently we are down to one nurse, Sunday thru Thursday, day shift. This coverage means that Jeff has to cover the nights and then get up to go to work Monday through Thursday for ten hours a day.  We are desperately reaching out to the Douglas County Community for nurses (LPN, RN, BSN, NP) to help us with our son. Just working one shift a week would help tremendously. For more information, please contact Lesa at