Returning God's Gifts

Every day and multiple times during each day – I count my blessings. How incredibly blessed I am! I am blessed to be a priest. I am blessed to be a pastor. I am blessed to be here at Saint Francis. I am blessed to walk daily with such great parishioners – you are inspirational! I am so blessed to walk daily with Fr. Mark, Deacon Tom, Deacon Jacob, Deacon Ed, our Acolytes and my most incredible staff! They consistently go above and beyond! I am blessed to be a Fire Chaplain and a Police Chaplain and to be inspired daily by their dedication, their care for those whom they encounter, and for their heroic actions! I am blessed to be in the Diocese of Colorado Springs and to work with Bishop Sheridan who has been truly a father figure to me! I am so blessed to work with my brother priests!

Welcome to the Diocese of Colorado Springs! Our diocese is still considered to be a missionary diocese by the Vatican due to the number of priests per person. We face many challenges- which are great challenges! We are somewhat cash poor – land poor – and the rapid growth that we are seeing along the front range continues to stretch us. In my estimation – all good challenges.

This weekend we begin our annual Returning God’s Gifts Appeal to help our Diocese. This annual appeal helps in 4 areas of our Diocese and local church:

(1) It helps our Catholic Schools. While we do not have a Catholic School here – we support Ave Maria School in Parker, St. Peter’s School in Monument and all of the Catholic Schools. Our parish tithes separately to help our Catholic Schools.

(2) It helps our local Catholic Charities Office – which provides charitable help along with our Saint Vincent de Paul, counseling services and care for our poor and those most vulnerable. They are the heart, feet and hands of Christ!

(3) It helps our Seminarians! We are blessed to have 2 new priests being ordained this year – including Deacon Chance who is from Castle Rock! The RGG helps all seminarians including Seminarian Matt from our parish as well!

(4) Finally it helps us here at the parish. We are always very careful to use our portion for our building and grounds. This year funding from RGG (along with monies from a private donor and others) will help us install an elevator next to Assisi Hall. This will be a great addition!

Please prayerfully consider and make a gift to our Diocesan Returning God’s Gifts appeal. It will work wonders and touch many lives!

You’re great!

Fr. Brad