Well Done–Good and Faithful Servants!

My beloved in Jesus Christ!

I am so very blessed to be here in this most excellent parish. I just love how each of you and my staff consistently go above and beyond when it comes to your genuine hospitality and Christ like care to those who visit here. You are truly inspirational!

We were blessed to host the 5th Annual Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast for the Persecuted Church sponsored by Saint Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy. My Staff went above and beyond with tending to any of the needs! Don Billings and Felipe Rangel did phenomenal work in hours of practicing Aramaic for the most beautiful Mass in the Maronite Rite celebrated by ChorBishop Maroun of Los Angeles. We had great Altar Servers step up and serve perfectly! Our Knights of Columbus 8909 worked countless hours on this and were in the building around 3am working to cook a most delicious breakfast for all to enjoy. The Knights also spent countless hours setting up the Assisi Hall, serving breakfast, cleaning tables and resetting the Assisi Hall To all: Well done – good and faithful servants! You are all so inspirational. May God bless your abundant generosity!

This past week we had a number of volunteers working on the prayer path helping to build the wooden frame borders for the stone benches to be placed in. That was a lot of hard work and it is so very much appreciated! There are some extra (although weathered) used metal and wooden benches that are available if you would like to take one home with you. I have placed them just behind the Good Shepherd Statue. You are welcome to them. Just a little spray paint for the metal and some stain for the wood and they should last for years.

Keep being the people of great inspiration that you are! You are remarkable.

Fr. Brad