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Let's list the typical mistakes of commercial property buyers who invest in this type of property in order to generate rental income.

Mistake #1: “I have to like real estate.” No! This is not true. The tenant must like the property! For example, if the tenant is Pyaterochka, they will look not at the appearance, but at the ability to collect traffic to the store

Mistake No. 2: “First we buy, and then we think who to put there.” No! It is necessary to think in advance what type of tenants this premises will suit, and find out what requirements they impose on the technical equipment of the premises and what restrictions the tenants have for the licensed type of business.

Mistake No. 3: “In the center of a large city, real estate will always pay off faster than in a small town on the outskirts.” No! It's a delusion! The price of an object in a small town of 70,000 inhabitants will be lower than in a city of 2,000,000 inhabitants. But rental rates may vary slightly. But as a result, a room in a small town will pay off several years faster.


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