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Life Teen Households


Households are a new addition to Life Teen this year! The 4 houses are based on saints: St. Michael the Archangel, St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. John Paul the Great, and St. Joan of Arc. All the teens are sorted into one of the houses and that will be their house for the remainder of their time in Life Teen. When they graduate, they will be an alumni of that house. Once a month, the teens will gather in their houses. Throughout the year there is a friendly competition between each house to see which one can earn the most points. Points can be earned by extra participation in Mass (choir, EMHC, hospitality minister, etc.), community service, acts of virtue, house competitions, etc.


The purpose of the houses is to make the teens feel like they are a part of something great and that no one is left out. In the houses everyone builds each other up, prays for one another and works together toward sainthood. These houses are something they can take pride in.

Director of High School Faith Formation

Young Adults Ministry

Cheyenne Secor

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