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LIFE TEENWe are so glad you are interested in learning more about Christ as a High School student and member of our family. St. Francis of Assisi Parish uses Life Teen for High School Faith Formation. At its core, Life Teen’s mission is to bring teenagers closer to Christ. Through catechesis, community, and prayer, Life Teen opens the eyes and hearts to what it means to have a deep and a personal relationship with Christ and as a member of the Universal Catholic Church.

Over the course of the year, many different types of faith-filled events and activities are made available. These events provide stimulating and enjoyable service and social activities in addition to regularly scheduled Life Nights (Faith Formation classes). These engaging and inspiring events will include; social outings, Bible studies, public service opportunities, retreats, and diocese-wide events. St. Francis of Assisi Parish is an environment where teens feel welcome and become part of the greater Christian community.


2019-2020 Life Teen schedule

  • Sunday:  9th thru 12th - 6:30pm to 8:30pm (After 5:30pm Mass)


There are three parts to Life Teen: Relational, Witness, and Planning. Life Teen leaders draw the youth closer to Jesus by acknowledging the personal relationship they already have with Him and by being their own witness to the joy that comes from being Catholic.


Of course, the best ministries require much planning. Teens deserve to have the best possible experience and formation. This is why Life Teen combines excellent planning to facilitate a profound deepening of their faith and Christian experience with Christ. If you feel you could assist with the Life Teen program, please consider volunteering by filling out the Life Teen Volunteer Interest Form above. All Adult volunteers must be SET trained before teaching in the classroom. SET Foundational and Update Training will be held during Catechist Training events in early September.






If you have a teen entering 9th - 12th grade who is MISSING a prior year of faith formation, AND who has already received First Holy Communion but is desiring to receive Confirmation, we invite you to contact Tod Masters at 303-688-3025 ext 108 to learn more about PURPOSE - High School Confirmation program. PURPOSE meets every Thursday at 6pm in the Aquinas Library located near the parish offices. Teens who are not preparing for Confirmation are welcome to attend these sessions as well.

If you have a teen entering 9th - 12th grade who is MISSING 2 or more years of prior faith formation, and desires to learn more about receiving the Sacraments of First Holy Communion AND Confirmation, we invite you to contact Michel Goldman, Sacrament Formation, at 303-688-4007 or valva.michel@gmail.com to schedule an initial meeting. At this meeting, you will learn of the classes available for the spiritual growth of your children.















Life Teen Households


Households are a new addition to Life Teen this year! The 4 houses are based on saints: St. Michael the Archangel, St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. John Paul the Great, and St. Joan of Arc. All the teens are sorted into one of the houses and that will be their house for the remainder of their time in Life Teen. When they graduate, they will be an alumni of that house. Once a month, the teens will gather in their houses. Throughout the year there is a friendly competition between each house to see which one can earn the most points. Points can be earned by extra participation in Mass (choir, EMHC, hospitality minister, etc.), community service, acts of virtue, house competitions, etc.


The purpose of the houses is to make the teens feel like they are a part of something great and that no one is left out. In the houses everyone builds each other up, prays for one another and works together toward sainthood. These houses are something they can take pride in.

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For the past 18+ years, St. Francis of Assisi Parish high school youth has traveled with Group Work Camp trips. Youth, young adults, and even chaperones look back on their “Work Camp” experience and pinpoint this mission trip as the place where their faith deepened dramatically, and where they bonded with others like never before. Attendees hear God’s Word…do God’s work…and become more faithful followers of Christ. The top priority for these trips is for all participants to grow spiritually, to understand themselves better, and to come to know God’s will in their lives. For more information about Work Camp, contact Tod Masters.



Join us at Carlos Miguel's in Castle Rock for a Work Camp Fundraiser! 

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20% of your check will benefit the teens traveling to East Bank, West Virginia in 2020!


Notifications will be sent via email and the St. Francis of Assisi Parish website. If school for the Douglas County High School feeder is canceled – we will cancel. As always, use your best judgment when deciding whether to bring children to class due to inclement weather.


Tod Masters
Director of High School Faith Formation
Sacrament Preparation for High School Confirmation

Young Adults Ministry
303-688-3025 ext 108