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Gift of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost is sometimes called the “Birthday of the Church.” But that can be misleading because it implies a kind of anniversary rather than a day of beginning. Pentecost does not commemorate the founding of an institution, but rather the time of receiving our mission to be disciples who change the world!

Pentecost is the feast that reminds us that we are people filled with the Holy Spirit. Those of us baptized, those of us confirmed, are people with gifts that the world needs so desperately: Wisdom for people looking for meaning, Knowledge for people seeking insight, Healing for people wounded by others, Prophecy for people in need of direction, Discernment for people struggling to make decisions.

Christianity is not an affiliation but a way of life! Through the coming of the Holy Spirit we become the missionary presence of Jesus to our community today! Any “birthday” that we celebrate is our making present to others the life and the love of Jesus!

In a special way I want to thank our parents, catechists, and our boys and girls in religious formation as they conclude their school year. I received a lovely letter from Karyn Bonamo, one of our catechists, detailing her adventures!

Karyn will be beginning her six year as a catechist in the Fall. From lesson planning to organizing the Christmas Play; from planning a Living Rosary to teaching about the Saints; from purchasing Children’s Missals for Mass to creating Goody Bags for the Summer, catechists like Karyn show that being mentors to our boys and girls is the way we make new disciples. As adults, we have to give good example, as well as good teaching. Thank you, Karyn, and all of our catechists and parents for not just teaching our children but showing them life in the Holy Spirit!

Just look around our parish and you will see the Holy Spirit. You will see those who sing and those who read; those who preach and those who greet. You will see some who feed the hungry and others who serve in the office. You will see some who decorate and others who teach. Some have a gift for leading prayer, for parenting children, or for making people feel at home --- everybody has some gift of the Holy Spirit. And I thank God for ALL of you!

Fr. Mark Zacker


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