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Happy Advent

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving Day! Thanks to everyone who fell in love with Jesus more deeply during our 40 Hours Devotion last weekend. Thanks, too, to our Knights of Columbus for providing security over the weekend. As we begin the three-year National Eucharistic Revival, please share your love for Jesus with others.

And now —- Happy Advent, everyone! These weeks just seem to fly by as we approach Christmas and New Year. Many families have house parties, and so do we! Did you know that we welcomed 250 new families to our parish last year! We are having a meet-and-greet party for all of them this Tuesday night! Please spread the word and invite more new families to join us!

With this First Sunday of Advent, you will notice that we have new hymn books for everyone in the pews. I’m very happy to have to everyone join us in singing and praying and following the Bible readings with our new hymn books. These were taken away during the pandemic, and although our overhead screens have been helpful, it’s not quite the same as having real books in our hands. And now we won’t have to strain our eyes and necks to see the screens!

You will also notice a new QR code on the front of our new hymn books. This is for everyone who enjoys making a donation electronically. You simply scan the QR code with your mobile phone camera and are directed to our secure electronic donation site. We truly appreciate your generous support of our mission every week. We do all that we do thanks to your generous donations!

Rev. Mark Zacker



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