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Latest Bulletin

January 15, 2017

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 6.51.11 PM

From Our Pastor, Fr. Brad Noonan

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Feast of the Epiphany

Sometimes in the life of the Church we can view Epiphany Sunday as simply a time of transition. A time after the last Mass on Epiphany to take down the Christmas trees, pack up the Manger, give way the poinsettias, and move right back into Ordinary Time. If this is our view we are failing to grasp the importance of the Feast of the Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord. Epiphany is a complex feast. It should lift our eyes from the family celebrations and demands that we should include in our vision “all the ends of the earth.” It demands that, like the three wise men, we should have the courage to follow the light of the star that we have seen, however hazardous the journey; that the light of our faith, like that of the wise men, should be so strong that we are able to see and recognize in our Lord and Ruler,… and that we should return to our own countries a different way, carrying to all those we meet the light of Christ.” (1)

Epiphany for us today is to encounter Christ, and to be so changed by that encounter that we radically change our lives, because of that personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Beginning with our own Baptism, and continuing with the other Sacraments of the Church we should bring our own gifts to the Lord and then follow him unreservedly. Jesus calls us by name, knowing our own unworthiness, knowing what we are capable of, and knowing our heart. Do not be afraid to find and follow Christ! “It is clear how much the Feast of the Epiphany must mean to all who are engaged in the apostolate and are striving to extend the Kingdom of Christ.” (2) All of us are engaged in the apostolate!

Wise Men and Women still seek Christ! The Wise men upon encountering the Christ, left their gifts at the feet of Jesus. My personal thanks to all of you who so unselfishly bring your gifts and talents to the feet of Jesus. It is by bringing your gifts to Christ that we can together do so much great work here in Castle Rock and Douglas County, bringing the light of Christ out to a world that is sometimes darkened. Thanks for your generosity, sacrificial love and your personal relationship and journey with the Lord!

Blessings, Fr. Brad
(1 and 2 from the Twelve Days of Christmas – Elsa Chaney, The Liturgical Press)

Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy

Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy