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October 19, 2014

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From Our Pastor, Fr. Brad Noonan

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Gospel of Life!


The Gospel of Life!

October is in the life of the Roman Catholic Church a month in which study and remember the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding Respect Life. One of the best sources for a complete understanding of the Church’s teaching on the many issues concerning Respect Life is the Encyclical Letter on Abortion, Euthanasia and the Death Penalty in today’s world. The title in Latin is Evangelium Vitae, or in English, The Gospel of Life. Pope John Paul II did a beautiful job writing this very important Encyclical. I would strongly encourage each Catholic to either buy the book or you can download it from Kindle or any E-Books. It is an easy to read, foundational primer on Respect Life issues. Pope John Paul II clearly articulates the Scriptural Basis for the teachings of the Catholic Church as well as he cites where in the Tradition of the Catholic Church the sources of the teachings. He masterfully shows the Call of Jesus Christ for a Culture of Life, and talks about the prevalent Culture of Death especially in today’s society.

One of the Sources of tradition he cites is the Didache. I would encourage you to use your search engine and to look at the original copy of the Didache. The Didache as he describes it is “from the beginning, the living Tradition of the Church- as shown by the Didache, the most ancient, non-biblical Christian writing categorically repeated the commandment “You shall not kill”: There are two ways, a way of life and a way of death; there is a great difference between them…In accordance with the precept you shall not kill…you shall not put a child to death by abortion, nor kill it once it is born…The way of death is this:…they show no compassion for the poor, they do not suffer with the suffering, they do not acknowledge their Creator, they kill their children and by abortion cause God’s creatures to perish; they drive away the needy, oppress the suffering, they are advocates of the rich and unjust judges of the poor; they are filled with every sin.

The Didache concludes this paragraph by saying “May you be able to stay ever apart, o children from all of these sins!”

The Didache was written between the 1st and 2nd Century. Sadly and unfortunately, some of those same sins are still happening today. May we truly turn to God, Repent and Proclaim the Gospel of Life against a Culture of Death!

Do not lose hope. Next week we will look at the Gospel of Mercy and look at the many ways in which the Lord and his Church provide mercy, healing and love for those who have sinned!

In the love of Christ!
Fr. Brad


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