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Welcome back!

We are all so excited to welcome you back to faith formation at St. Francis of Assisi! We have been hard at work planning out the format for our classes this year and appreciate your prayers and patience! Due to COVID-19, things are going to look a little different. BUT, we will still be able to have in-person classes along with a couple of other options. Before getting into the actual registration, please take a look at the schedule and calendars below:

Class schedule 20-21

This shows which classes are happening on certain days of the week.

Mulitiple options for learning

Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), we've made some significant changes to how our faith formation programs run. There are now 3 OPTIONS for faith formation (for most grades) to help us best follow the guidelines put out by the CDC and our government officials.

1. HYBRID- This option incorporates both in-person and virtual learning due to the large number of students we have, the limited classroom space and the social distancing requirements. There will be an A and a B schedule. These schedules will alternate every week between in-person and virtual learning. When students are on the virtual weeks, they will connect (most likely with Zoom) to the live class. For example, when the A schedule is in-person, the B schedule will be attending the same class virtually.

2. VIRTUAL CLASS ONLY- Is for youth who do not want to participate in faith formation in-person or are unable to be in-person. This option would have the youth connect with the same classes in the HYBRID option.

3. HOMESCHOOLING: PARENT/CHILD INDEPENDENT- Is for families who do not want to participate in the HYBRID or VIRTUAL CLASS ONLY options. This is an option for grades 1-8 and the only option for pre-k and kindergarten. Parents will lead their children through an online faith formation program at their own pace. Children in this program will not connect virtually with the other classes but there may be periodic meetings for homeschooling families. The faith formation directors will be able to monitor each child's progress on there online programs.

Class calendars 20-21

These calendars are based on the HYBRID option which is a mix of virtual and in-person learning. If you choose the VIRTUAL CLASS ONLY option, you would use the same calendars below but would only attend virtually.*Note* The RCIA/CT and SFBC classes will follow their own calendar. For more information on these classes click here or contact Michel at mgoldman@stfranciscr.org.


Click the big blue button below to start online registration. There are many details given about the upcoming year on the registration page. *NOTE* It may take 10-15+min to complete the form, depending on how many kids you are registering, capabilities of downloading/uploading files, etc. If you have any questions, please contact the Directors of Faith Formation.

Volunteer for faith formation

Volunteers are always in high demand for these programs! On average, we usually have around 800 youth in our faith formation classes! There are many types of volunteers such as, but not limited to: Catechist, Catechist Aide, Hall Monitor and more. You do not need a degree to lead young people in the faith! The most important thing when volunteering is being a witness to the faith by how we live. All volunteers will receive training for their position and are screened before being allowed to work with youth.

If you are interested in volunteering for any level of faith formation, please reach out to the respective Director of Faith Formation.

Volunteers receive a generous discount on registration!