middle school faith formation

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Journeying through the story of our salvation; discovering our Catholic origins, learning we are loved by Christ, chosen by Christ, and called by Christ to go out and spread His love.


2019-2020 MIDDLE SCHOOL faith formation schedule

Classes will be offered during these days and times this year, at the same time as Elementary School:

  • Sunday:  6th thru 8th - 4:00pm to 5:15pm (Same time as Elementary School; before 5:30pm Mass)

  • Tuesday:  6th thru 8th - 4:45pm to 6:00pm (Same time as Elementary School)

  • Wednesday:  6th thru 8th - 4:45pm to 6:00pm (Same time as Elementary School)

JOURNEY faith formation STRUCTURE

  • 6th and 7th grades will study the Faith and Life curriculum and meet together for snacks, song, scripture, and prayer before separating into smaller groups.

  • 8th grade will study the CHOSEN Confirmation program and meet together in Assisi Hall with snack, scripture, prayer, and song built into the program.

  • PARENTS MUST sign youth in and out of class for their safety.


Parents are asked to drop off/pick up children from the classroom for those attending  grades

PreK- 5th grades ONLY.

Grades 6 - 7 & CHOSEN 8th Grade, the youth will sign themselves in an out. 


Please complete the JOURNEY  Volunteer Interest Form if you feel God is calling you to share your faith with our youth. All Adult volunteers must be SET trained before teaching in the classroom. SET Foundational and Update Training will be held during Catechist Training events in early September. We need over 55 volunteers to serve, so please consider sharing your gifts with our youth.


  • Lead Catechist – Responsible for lesson plans and teaching the course material

  • Assistant Catechist – Responsible for helping to set up, take down, and assisting Lead Catechist

  • Guardian Angel – Responsible for keeping our students safe by praying for our youth, setting up and taking down the cone zone, and monitoring the building and halls during class

  • Angel Food – Responsible for setting out snacks, serving and take down, clean up including light vacuuming and taking out the trash.


NOTE:  Volunteers need to arrive at least 15 minutes before and stay 15 minutes after classes for safety reasons.




If you have a child entering 8th grade, who is baptized Catholic, and HAS COMPLETED 7th grade faith formation with at least 70% attendance in a parish catechesis program, Catholic school or through an approved homeschool program, and who are now prepared to begin their second year of preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, we invite you and your child to attend a Parent / Candidate Confirmation Orientation in October, which will provide more details about Confirmation preparation requirements. Contact Vicki Arndt at 720-215-4523 or varndt@stfranciscr.org to learn more about the Middle School Confirmation program.


If you have a child entering 8th grade who is MISSING 7th grade faith formation AND who has already received First Holy Communion but is desiring to receive Confirmation, please enroll your child in 8th grade CHOSEN to satisfy their first year of faith formation. Your child will then enroll in 9th grade Life Teen and complete further preparation for Confirmation to be received at the end of 9th grade year. We invite you to contact Tod Masters at 303-688-3025 ext 108 or tmasters@stfranciscr.org to learn more about the High School Confirmation program.


If you have a child entering 8th grade who is MISSING 2 or more years of prior faith formation AND who would like to receive the Sacraments of First Holy Communion AND Confirmation, please contact Vicki Arndt, Sacrament Formation, at 720-215-4523 or varndt@stfranciscr.org to schedule an initial meeting. At this meeting, you will learn of the classes available for the spiritual growth of your children.



Information regarding the JOURNEY Faith Formation program will be communicated to those concerned in several formats with email being the primary method of communication. Information can also be found on the Children/Youth bulletin board located near Assisi Hall, in the Sunday bulletin, and on the St. Francis of Assisi Parish website.


Sometimes parent/guardians become concerned that their youth will tire of coming to Mass or going to class. Youth rejoice in the opportunity to come to church for liturgy, primarily because they are doing something with their fellow students and friends, and if the parents act as a model by rejoicing with them and showing their sincere interest in the Mass. Youth take their obligations to participate in Catholic Formation seriously when parents are supportive of the catechists, ministers, and programs offered. Please help us by becoming part of the movement to bring all children to Christ’s love. The involvement of the parents/guardians in completing materials sent home, discussing the information presented in class, and providing space to display completed projects express to the children that this is essential to their happiness in life.


It is important that families take part in our Parish special events planned throughout the year. Family attendance at Sunday Liturgy is critical. We come to Sunday Mass not only to worship God and refresh our mind, body, and soul, but to partake of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, the source and summit of our Catholic faith. Please note that formation class is not considered a substitute for Sunday Liturgy. We all know how our Christian peers can influence our spiritual devotion and this, in turn, will greatly influence our children. Let us always seek the Life and Love of Christ so that we may love Him as He loved His Father.


Attendance is expected at all faith formation classes. It is understood extra-curricular activities pose scheduling challenges. If you are aware of upcoming scheduled absences please contact me. Remember, all classwork missed, must be made up and returned to your child’s Catechist. If your child has missed more than a year of faith formation, please call to set up a time to discuss various options available to support your desire to model and teach the Catholic faith to your children.


Notifications will be sent via email and the St. Francis of Assisi Parish website. If school for the Douglas County High School feeder is canceled – we will cancel. As always, use your best judgment when deciding whether to bring children to class due to inclement weather.


Vicki Arndt
Director of Middle School Faith Formation and Sacrament Preparation for 8th-grade Confirmation