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Through the storm

Have you ever had the experience of striking out in faith, only to become frightened as your project began to unfold? How did God see you through?

Maybe it was your marriage. Maybe it was having your first child. Maybe it was a new job. Maybe (for the students among us) it’s getting ready for a new school year. Did you become frightened? Wonder what you’re getting into? How did God see you through?

I was Pastor at Corpus Christi Parish and School in Colorado Springs for 12 years. I remember one eventful year when we had a series of hail storms and heavy downpours of rain during the Summer —- similar to what we’ve been having here this year! We had one hail storm that broke some of the church windows and damaged the roof of the school. Fortunately, insurance covered it. At the end of July, while the school roof was still getting repaired, ANOTHER storm hit that flooded four of our classrooms. We had to delay the start of the school year until after Labor Day, so we could get everything back in shape. Fortunately, again, insurance covered it.

Jesus is our ultimate insurance! It’s easy to imagine the disciples in today’s Gospel being tossed around in the boat during a raging storm. It’s easy to see why they would even imagine a ghost coming toward them. What’s harder to imagine is that Jesus was walking on the water and that Peter thought that he could do the same! Jesus is our ultimate insurance! With Him we can get through any storm!

Hope to see you at our Parish Picnic this Sunday afternoon! (Hopefully, NO STORMS!) I’ll be there around 3 PM following our 1:30 PM Mass in Spanish.

And don’t forget that we celebrate a Holy Day of Obligation this week: The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. We have a Vigil Mass on Monday at 7:00 PM and then Masses at 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM on Tuesday.

Finally, we welcome Father Kizito Kirenga who will be visiting us for two weeks and celebrating Mass with us! Welcome Father Kizito!

Rev. Mark Zacker


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