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Clement of Alexandria

In every age, there have been men who were seekers of truth. In the second century, one such man was Titus Flavius Clemens, known better today as Clement of Alexandria. Although born to pagan parents, Clement realized that there must be a deeper meaning to life than the mundane pursuit of material riches and sensual pleasures. He heard about men who renounced the ordinary pursuits of life in order to seek after truth. These men were called philosophers, which means ‘lovers of wisdom.’

So Clement studied the works of all the great philosophers who had lived before him, including the writings of thinkers from faraway lands such as Persia. From studying the works of these men, Clement learned that there was one true God who was above all the gods and goddesses worshiped by people of his day. He also learned that there was a more satisfying way of life than what most of the people seek.

From his years of study, Clement came to be one of the most learned men of his day. Yet, he sensed that the philosophers had only knocked on the door of truth, that there was still greater truth that they had never discovered. When he finally heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, he knew this was the great truth he had been seeking all his life.

After his conversion, Clement traveled throughout the ancient world to learn Christianity firsthand from the most respected teachers of his age, men who taught by deeds, not just words. Clement eventually settled in Alexandria, Egypt, where he served as a leader. In recognition of Clement’s gift of teaching, the church of Alexandria appointed him as the instructor of new Christians.

With fraternal affection,

Fr. Homero C.


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