Happy Easter!

May the peace of the Risen Christ be with you!

I personally always love Easter! It comes just as we are beginning Spring where we have seen some warmer days, the grass making a turn from brown to green, the first shoots coming out of the ground from the many bulbs planted around the property.

Easter is the yearly reminder of the Paschal Mystery of Our Lord - Life, Death, and Resurrection. It is a strong reminder that as we go through Life, we will experience suffering and death, but that the story of Our Lord teaches us that the sufferings of the present are nothing compared to the glory to be revealed in us. The Life, Death, and Resurrection of the Lord should teach us to be Easter People of great hope, great joy, and great longing for Heaven - Our Eternal Home.

I pray that this particular Easter Season bring you great hope, joy, and great energy to follow Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! On behalf of my ever hard-working Staff, Deacons, and Father Ricardo: Happy Easter!

Fr. Brad