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“Prepare the way of the Lord,make straight his paths.”

I have been reflecting on our 135th Anniversary Year this Advent season!  What a milestone!  I can only imagine how God sees us! 

God's awareness of all history is a profound mystery.  Everything past, present, and future is known to God all at once in a single eternal gaze. This may be impossible for us to understand, but on occasion we do receive the grace to realize how precious time itself is in our lives.  Every day of our lives is an unrepeatable gift, never again to be lived. 

For God, every period of life anticipates and prepares for what follows. God always wants to bring to completion what He has planned. The importance of every present hour is, in part, a link to the next hour. The same is true of the central moment in human history when the Son of God took our flesh and lived an earthly existence. First, God prepared the hearts of people for his coming in Jesus.  John the Baptist announced from the desert that the day of great longing would soon be fulfilled. This reminds us, even now, to prepare our hearts to meet Him.

Perhaps at times we experience some fear when our thoughts turn to the future.  But why?  Just as the coming of Jesus was prophesied, we have the fulfillment from God of His constant presence in our lives. The Holy Eucharist is a continual experience of this — the very Body and Blood of Jesus strengthens us at every Mass!  A life of beauty and happiness awaits us always when we trust in God’s goodness and love.  God’s promise is irreversible and has been fulfilled!

Please join our children for the Nativity Play this Friday at 6 PM and then our gorgeous Lessons and Carols presented by our Choir at 7:00 PM.  Happy 135th Anniversary and a Blessed Advent to you all!

Fr. Mark Zacker


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