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Building Bridges

What another uncomfortable Gospel today! The chasm between heaven and hell is wide and cannot be crossed. Therefore, while we’re still here we have to build bridges — before it’s too late. Is there anyone like Lazarus in your life who you ignore? If so, what changes can you make while you still have time?

The bridge that God has built with us is through Jesus His Son. God connects with us through His Word and through the Body and Blood of His Son at every Mass. The Holy Spirit moves with us then, as we go to work together. Our time, our talent, and our treasure go into cooperating with our Builder.

One way to build bridges is by living a generous life. We take up a weekly collection here. It brings the mission of the Kingdom of God to our growing community, it helps to pay our bills, and to finally retire the debt on our beautiful church.

It also helps you. It gives you an opportunity to be proud of whom you serve and who is building your life —- Jesus!

If giving is difficult, it could be a sign of conflict in your heart. The way to loosen up the grip of money is to give it away! Thanks to your generous giving we recently paid $271,607 toward our 2.4 million dollar debt. Thanks so much to everyone who made our parish picnic a wonderful event! I got there late following 1:30 PM Mass and a Baptism, but I was able to enjoy the late Summer weather and the award-winning apple and peanut-butter cream pies! When we are generous and build bridges we are living the very life of the Most Holy Trinity. Saint Francis of Assisi would be proud! Keep up the good work! Keep building bridges!

Rev. Mark Zacker



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