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Fr. Homero

I regret to inform you that Fr Homero will be leaving us sooner than expected.

His Bishop has called him back to Peru. Bishop Golka informed me of this on Monday night.

Fr Homero will leave after this weekend’s Masses. His last Mass will be this Sunday

at 1:30 PM. Please pray for Fr. Homero and his return to Peru. We are grateful for his service to us here and pray that the Lord will give him peace. Cards and notes for Father Homero may be sent to the parish office.

We welcome Deacon Thomas Pressley to work in our parish this Summer!

We congratulate our newly ordained priests, Fr. Matt Kane and Fr. Will Dwayer! Fr. Matt Kane is celebrating his first Mass with us this Sunday at 5:30 PM. If you, or someone you know, might be called to be a deacon or a priest in our diocese, please let me know! Please pray that more of our young people respond to this call!

Thanks to our 42 helpers who pitched-in with our parish clean-up day last Saturday afternoon. Many hands made light work! Help is what we do. It’s who we are! Our kids at home don’t volunteer to clean the kitchen, for example. It’s what they do. Everybody has to pitch-in to make the home a beautiful place. Everybody helps here, too, to make our parish a beautiful place! Unfortunately, our mulch did not arrive on time, so we will need more help in the future! Help is always needed and much appreciated!

Rev. Mark Zacker


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