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Dads, you work hard, VERY hard, to love your children and to provide suitable homes and the necessities of life. You’re pulled in so MANY directions: by your professional life, the Church, the community, the needs of your children. So MANY concerns: the stability of your marriage, job security, the health of aging parents, the quality of education that your children receive, the social and moral climate in which you live. I, too, became a “Father” 27 years ago.

I came upon this “modern” job description for priests: “WANTED: Roman Catholic Priest. Administrator, counselor, mediator, preacher, educator, community activist, presider at liturgy. Excellent people skills a must. Work 12-14 hours per day. Marriage not permitted. Must be willing to accept assignments that are not

necessarily first preference. Must be willing to accept very large parishes with a school or serve more than

one parish. Normal retirement age is 70, but may be asked to keep working until gravely ill.”

Reading today’s Gospel, however, I was wondering whether this is more today than in Jesus’ time or are the demands just somewhat different. Throughout the history of the Church, haven’t many dads and priests had to sacrifice and suffer for Christ? Should our age be any different? Does Jesus ask more of his dads and priests today than originally? I don’t think so. Jesus didn’t recruit wimps then, and he doesn’t recruit wimps today.

Men who step forward to serve Christ and his Church todays as dads or priests must be strong, generous men, willing to sacrifice and suffer. Happy Father’s Day! Keep up the great work!

Fr. Mark Zacker



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