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How Can I Keep From Singing?!

Happy Holy Family weekend, everyone!  Thanks to everyone who made our Christmas Masses so beautiful!  A lot of people put in a lot a of work.  May the Lord bless you for your kindness and generosity!

In Saint Luke’s Gospel of Christmas everyone is singing!   The Angel Gabriel sings!  Zechariah sings!  Mary and Elizabeth sing! The angels sing!  And now on this Feast of the Holy Family,  the old folks, Simeon and Anna sing!  Let them all sing to you, to your holy families, too!

Close your eyes and picture the scene in your mind.  Imagine yourself as this young family against the backdrop of the magnificent temple and crowds of people.  There is a poor young couple with a baby, an old man waiting to die, and an old woman who is there praying day and night.  

Now open your eyes.  Look around you here.  Does the scene look familiar? 

It is among these people:  the young and the poor, the weak and the old, that the glory of God appears! 

As we cross the threshold into a New Year, to all of our holy families here, look at who has been born among you this Christmas.  Jesus!  God is with us!  Will you all join us in singing?  

Fr. Mark Zacker



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