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National Catholic Schools Week

This week, we join Ave Maria Catholic School in Parker in celebrating National Catholic Schools’ Week!

More than 2.5 million students attend 8,000 Catholic schools across our country. Catholic schools represent a tradition tracing its origins to the earliest explorers and settlers in America. Catholic education in the United States has a 400 year tradition. The National Catholic Educational Association is the world’s largest, private, professional education association serving almost 8 million students at all levels of Catholic education. Catholic schools enroll nearly half of all students in private schools in the United States.

I am blessed to be a graduate of Catholic elementary and Catholic high school, myself. I was Pastor of two Catholic schools in Colorado Springs for 15 years. I really can’t find another way of life that is more helpful to a Catholic boy or girl than to be part of a Catholic school. The Catholic School day is completely different than any other school day. Prayer is woven throughout the day. Every subject is taught within the context of our Catholic faith. The Sacraments are celebrated and the virtues are demonstrated day in and day out.

According to the National Catholic Education Association, graduates of Catholic Schools are EIGHT times more likely:

— To remain in the church for their lifetime.

— To raise their own children in the church. . .

— To support the church and other charities financially

— To listen to a vocational call

— To attend college, graduate, hold leadership positions and even more likely to vote

and to be politically engaged!

Did you know that bus service is provided from our church to Ave Maria Catholic School every day?

Check out Ave Maria Catholic School for your boys and girls.

As Jesus taught us the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount today, you, too, and your children will be blessed to live a Catholic School way of life!

Rev. Mark Zacker



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