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Nothing Better Than This!

Once upon a time, a family had gathered all around the Christmas tree. Presents were opened and wrapping paper was strewn everywhere. The children were enthralled with the wonders of their new favorite toy. When there was a brief moment of silence, a 4-year-old girl looked happily at her mom and dad and shouted: “There is nothing better than THIS!"

Yes! Yes! Yes!

What does Christmas mean to you? Hope and tenderness? Peace and goodwill? What does Christmas mean to you? It means Jesus! It means meeting God!

God has always looked for His people, guided them, looked after them and promised to always be near them. This is beautiful. Christmas is the reunion of God with his people. It is a consolation, a mystery of comfort and joy.

Every Christmas, I spend an hour or so alone here in Church at the manger. I have a deep feeling of comfort and joy. For me, Christmas has always been about this: God meets His people.

Christmas speaks of hope and tenderness. When God meets us, He tells us two things: The first thing is: Have hope. God always opens doors, He never closes them. He is the Father who opens doors for us. The second thing He says is:

don't be afraid of hope. When we forget about hope and tenderness, we become cold. We lose our sense of direction, we sin. We are held back by worldly things: politics, money, control. But the simplicity of God tells us: Go forward! I am with you. I love you.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you meet the God who loves you right here!

There is nothing better than THIS!

Rev. Mark Zacker


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