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Do you love Me?

How do we know someone loves us? Is it through the sweet words they say to us, the grand promises they make? While these things can be part of the equation, we come to learn that love can only prove itself through deeds. We know someone loves us not when they say they love us, but when they show they love us—by prioritizing us, caring for us, and seeking our good, even when it might mean making a sacrifice.

If this applies to us determining if someone loves us, it can also help us reflect on whether we truly love others. Do the things we say we believe about love, giving generously, and serving others lead to concrete deeds

in our lives—the “good fruit” Christ talks about in today’s Gospel—or do they tend to not translate into action?

It can be difficult to tell! But the Lord gives us opportunities to put love into action each and every day—in our family, our workplace, and our wider community. As a parish, we actually have one of those opportunities before us today: the chance to contribute to our

Diocesan Ministry Appeal. This is a concrete opportunity to not only give generously, but also to contribute to the “good fruit” that our diocese is producing today, sharing the love of the Lord with so many who desire to receive it. Ask the Lord to ask how he’s inviting you to put your love into action today.

Rev. Mark Zacker

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