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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a Parochial Administrator and a Pastor?

A parochial administrator is bound by the same duties and enjoys the same rights as a pastor but is not permitted to do anything which can prejudice the rights of the pastor or harm parish goods. After he has fulfilled his function, the parochial administrator is to render an account to the pastor (Canon 540). Bishop Golka anticipates naming a Pastor to our parish next Summer.

What are the “Last Rites”?

Did you know that the “Last Rites” consist of three Sacraments? Confession, Anointing, and Holy Communion. In order to receive all three of the “Last Rites” a person needs to be conscious and able to speak and receive Holy Communion. Sadly, many times when a priest is called for the “Last Rites” a person is unconscious; unable to confess or receive Holy Communion. Therefore, I strongly encourage anyone experiencing a grave illness or

entering hospice care to receive the “Last Rites” sooner rather than later. With Covid patients this is particularly important since I have been prohibited from entering their room or making any contact with them whatsoever.

Let us all pray for the grace of a happy death and receive all the Sacraments that Jesus gave His Church for our salvation!

Rev. Mark Zacker

Parochial Administrator


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