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Hidden and Quiet

If the "Event Coordinators" of today were to plan the birth of Jesus they would turn it into a "media event" with reporters, cameras, and celebrities. But today's Bible

readings couldn't be any more different. The first reading says that the Messiah will not be born in Jerusalem or Caesarea but in humble Bethlehem, "little … among

the villages of Judah." The Letter to the Hebrews reflects on how Jesus will be our Savior:

"I come to do your will, O God." But again, the first sacrifice took place in the silence of Mary's womb. And in today's Gospel, the most important things happen in a small town with unknown people hidden from the rest of the world.

How many times does God work wonders quietly: in the moments of prayer, when we really know that God is with us and he will never abandon us? Or we get a message: I have to call my brother, my sister, my friend. I have to apologize to someone or pray for them. This week would be a good week to pray for our families, especially those who are suffering. And pray that the Prince of Peace reigns in our hearts and that we can bring some of his peace to our part of the world. Merry Christmas!

See you next weekend!

Rev Mark Zacker

Parochial Administrator

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