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Trust Fall

Have you ever done a “trust fall”? It’s a pretty crazy concept. With your eyes closed and arms folded over your chest, you fall straight backwards. Of course, there’s a very important element that hasn’t yet been mentioned: someone is standing behind you, ready to catch you.

The “trust fall” illustrates such an important truth: we are only willing to take a risk, to “fall,” when someone we trust is with us.

In our Gospel today, Peter commits to his own “trust fall,” casting in his nets after a whole night of fruitless fishing, all because he trusts the Lord and the Lord instructs him to. As a parish, we’re doing a “trust fall” right now, as we strive to respond to our Diocesan Ministry Appeal. It can feel like a big risk to ask to be vulnerable and ask our community members to help meet our diocesan needs, but we do it because we trust—both in the Lord, but also in all the people who make up this parish community—including you.

Maybe contributing to the Diocesan Ministry Appeal feels like a risk for you. Which is fine! The key, however, is to never forget that we’re not doing this alone. We’re taking part in the Diocesan Ministry Appeal as part of a diocesan community we trust, and with the love and support of a Lord who never leaves us. When we change our perspective from “fear” to “trust,” how does our willingness to give change? Take some time today to ground yourself in trust of the Lord, and see how your heart responds.

Rev. Mark Zacker

Parochial Administrator


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